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Welcome to my web site!

Here you will find details of my books, a selection of articles, my monthly journal and various pages of interest. You can contact me via the links at the top or bottom of the page - browse and enjoy.

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“Winchester was a pleasant town, or perhaps Emma thought so because it was hers?” from Forever Queen

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Feature Hello America


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July 4th I will be celebrating (and experiencing) 4th July in Colonial Williamsburg, Virginia USA with a few US friends.
October 10th - 11th Battle Abbey Annual re-enactment : join Helen and several other '1066 related' authors. Listen to interesting talks, get books signed, or just come and chat.
October 22nd - 25th Harrogate History Festival (unconfirmed: details to follow)

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H2U Newsletter: Welcome Newsletter.
Australian Fan Club Join my "down under" friends and readers on Facebook.
Follow my move from London to Devon on my Leaning On The Gate Diary.
Every Tuesday: Tuesday Talk on my main blog page: Of History and Kings.
The Chittlehamholt Community Shop. Browse the shelves: Here.

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The list has been updated and replaced with a linked set of web assets known as H2U, "Helen To You". For further information about H2U, use the Additional Content link here.

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