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Some volumes on my bookshelf - a personal research library
~ Nautical

Title Author(s) Publisher
A Book about Smuggling in the West Country A. D. Hippisley Coxe Tabb House
A General History of Pirates Captain Charles Johnson Conway
A History of Pirates Nigel Cawthorne Arcturus
A Pirate of Exquisite Mind Diana & Michael Preston Corgi
A Sea of Words Dean King Owl Books
Along the Clipper Way Francis Chichester (ed) Hodder & Stoughton
Barbary Pirates Greg Bak Sutton
Blackbeard & Other Pirates Nancy Roberts Blair
Blackbeard Dan Parry N.M.M.
British Warships in the Age of Sail 1714-1792 Rif Winfield Seaforth
Clippers, packets & Men O’War Various Bounty Books
Cochrane Robert Harvey Robinson
Cochrane the Dauntless David Cordingly Bloomsbury
Devon Smugglers Robert Heskith Bosiney Books
Discovering Franic Drake’s California Harbor R. Aker & E. Von der Porten D.N.G
Exmoor’s Maritime Heritage John Gilman Exmoor Books
Fighting Techniques of Naval Warfare Various Amber
George Washington’s Secret Navy James L. Nelson McGraw Hill
Grenville Alison Grant Nth Devon Museum
Horatio Hornblower C. Northcore Parkinson McBooks Press
Jack Aubrey Commands Brian Lavery Conway
Jack Tar Roy & Lesley Adkins Abacus
Knights of the Sea David Hanna Caliber
Legends of the Outer Banks C. H. Whedbee John Blair
Life Among the Pirates David Cordingley Abacus
Life in Nelson’s Navy Dudley Pope Chatham
Marine Painting David Cordingly Studio Vista
Master & Commander Tom McGregor Harper Collins
Naval Warfare in the Age of Sail Bernard Ireland Ted Smart
Nelson’s Sailors G. Fremont-Barnes Osprey
Patrick O’Brian’s Navy Patrick O’Brian Running Press
Pepys’s Navy J. D. Davies Seaforth
Piracy – The Complete History Angus Konstam Osprey
Pirate Hunter of the Caribbean David Cordingly Random House
Pirates – Predators of the Seas Angus Konstam Thalamus
Pirates of Barbary Adrian Tinniswood Vintage
Pirates of Colonial North Carolina Hugh F. Rankin Dept. Cultural Resources
Pirates of the British Isles Joel Baer Tempus
Pirates, Ghosts & Coastal Lore C. H. Whedbee John Blair
Precursors of Nelson P. Le Fevre & R. Harding Chatham
Scourge of the Seas Angus Konstam Osprey
Seafaring Women David Cordingly Random House
Seamanship John Harland Conway
She Captains: Heroines and Hellions of the Sea John Druett Simon & Schuster
Ship Wreck Dave Horner Sutton
Smugglers’ Wood (Colonial New Jersey) Arthur D. Pierce Rutegers U.P
Smuggling in Cornwall Cyril Noall D.Bradford Barton Ltd
Smuggling in Cornwall Frank Graham Sandhill Press
Smuggling in Devon & Cornwall Mary Waugh Countryside Books
Smuggling in the British Isles Richard Platt History Press
Smuggling on the Exmoor Coast John Travis Exmoor Society
The Pirate Trial of Anne Bonny and Mary Read Tamara J. Eastman & Constance Bond Fern Canyon Press
The Buccaneers of America Alexander O. Exquemelin Dover
The Command of the Ocean N. A. M. Rodger N.M.M
The Frigate Surprise B. Lavery & G. Hunt Conway
The Honourable Compamy John Keay Harper Collins
The Life of William Dampier Diana & Michael Preston Corgi
The Line of Battle Robert Gardiner (ed) Conway
The Marine Art of Geoff Hunt Geoff Hunt Conway
The New Maritime History of Devon Vol 1 Various Conway
The Pirate Wars Peter Earle Methuen
The Rhythm of the Tide (Chichester Harbour) Jeremy Thomas SMH
The Sailor’s Word-Book Admiral W. H. Smyth Conway
The Sea a cultural history John Mack Reaktion Books
The Story of Sail V. Laszlo & R. Woodman Conway
The Way of the Ship Derek Lundy Vintage
Trafalgar Companion Mark Adkin Aurum
Under the Black Flag David Cordingly Random House
Voyages that changed the world Peter Aughton Quercus
Women Sailors and Sailors’ Women David Cordingly Random House
‌1759 Frank McLynn Pimlico

~ King Arthur: 5th - 6th century
  The Pendragon's Banner Trilogy

Title Author(s) Publisher
King Arthur in Legend & History Richard White Dent
Arthur and the Britons In Wales & Scotland W F Skene Lllanfarch Enterprises
Arthur: The King in the West R.W. Dunning Guild Publishing
Gildas, The Ruin of Britain trans Michael Winterbottom, ed John Morris Phillimore
Glastonbury Guidebooks Various  
The Landscape of King Arthur Geoffrey Ashe Webb & Bower
The Figure of Arthur Richard Barber Macmillan
Arthur and his Times Jack Lindsay Muller
The Swords of the Britons A. J. Young Regency Press
Arthur Y Cymry Bedwyr Lewis Jones University of Wales Press
King Arthur’s Avalon Geoffrey Ashe Collins
The Discovery of King Arthur Geoffrey Ashe  
By South Cadbury is that Camelot Leslie Alcock Thames & Hudson
The Mabinogion    
From Caesar to Arthur Geoffrey Ashe Collins
Arthur and the Anglo-Saxon Wars David Nicolle  Osprey

~ Roman Britain

Title Author(s) Publisher
Later Roman Britain Stephen Johnson Paladin
A Walk Along the Wall Hunter Davies Weidenfeld & Nicolson
The Barbarians Tim Newark Blandford
Celtic Warriors Tim Newark Blandford
The Northern Frontiers of Roman Britain David J. Breeze Batsford
The Oxford Illustrated History of Roman Britain Peter Salway OUP
Roman London Jenny Hall & Ralph Merrifield HMSO
Dictionary of Roman Military Terms Frank Graham Frank Graham Press
Roman Gardens Maria Woodman Frank Graham Press
Roman Herbal Michael Hoadley Frank Graham Press
Food and Cooking in Roman Britain Jane Renfrew English Heritage
Animals of Vindolanda G.W.I. Hodgson Frank Graham Press
Vegetius Epitome of Military Science N.P.Milner Liverpool U.P.
The Towns of Roman Britain John Wacher Batsford
The Roman Imperial Army Graham Webster Adam & Charles Black
The Landscape of Roman Britain Ken & Petra Dark Sutton
Warriors of Rome Michael Simkins Blandford
Life and Letters on the Roman Frontier Alan K. Bowman British Museum Press
Sidonius Apollinaris and the Fall of Rome Jill Harries Clarendon Press
Hadrian´s Wall Frank Graham Frank Graham Press
The Aquarian guide to British and Irish Mythology John & Caitlin Matthews Aquarian Press
A Biographical Dictionary of Dark Age Britain Ann Williams, Alfred P Smyth & D P Kirby Seaby
Who's Who in Roman Britain and Anglo-Saxon England Richard Fletcher Shepheard-Walwyn

~ Roman Cavalry / Horses

Title Author(s) Publisher
Roman Cavalry Equipment I.P. Stephenson & K.R. Dixon Tempus
Training the Roman Cavalry Ann Hyland Sutton
The Horse in the Ancient World Ann Hyland Sutton
Equus: The Horse in the Roman World Ann Hyland Sutton
The Medieval Warhorse from Byzantium to the Crusades Ann Hyland Sutton
Lore of the Sacred Horse Marion Davies Capall Bann
Roman Cavalry Karen R. Dixon & Pat Southern Batsford
The Art of Horsemanship Xenophon J.A.Allen
The History of the British Native Ponies Anthony Dent & Daphne Machin Goodall J.A.Allen
Riding for Caesar Michael P. Speidel Batsford

~ Early Anglo-Saxon
  (see also 11th Century below)

Title Author(s) Publisher
An Introduction to Anglo-Saxon England Peter Hunter Blair Cambridge University Press
The Anglo-Saxon Age D.J.V. Fisher Longman
The English Settlements J.N.L. Myers Clarendon Press
Anglo-Saxon Riddles John Porter Anglo-Saxon Books
Spellcraft - Old English Heroic Legends Kathleen Herbert Anglo-Saxon Books
A Handbook of Anglo-Saxon Food Ann Hagen Anglo-Saxon Books
A Choice of Anglo-Saxon Verse Richard Hamer Faber & Faber
Kings and Queens of Anglo-Saxon England Barbara Yorke Seaby

~ The 11th Century 1000 - 1066 A.D.
  A Hollow Crown / The Forever Queen
  Harold the King / I am the Chosen King

Title Author(s) Publisher
The Bayeux Tapestry and the Norman Invasion Lewis Thorpe The Folio Society
The Bayeux Tapestry Carola Hicks Vintage
Hastings 1066 Christopher Gravett Campaign Series
The Battle of Hastings Jim Bradbury Sutton
The Godwins Frank Barlow Pearson Education
Hereward Victor Head Sutton
The Life of King Edward the Confessor Frank Barlow Nelson
Edward the Confessor Frank Barlow Yale U.P.
Hereward the Last English King Peter Rex Tempus
Harold the Last Anglo-Saxon King Ian W. Walker Sutton
The Year 1000 Robert Lacey & Dany Danzinger Little Brown
The Death of Anglo-Saxon England N.J.Higham  
Anglo-Saxon England F.M Stenton Oxford U.P.
Medieval Women 450 - 1500 Henrietta Leyser Weidenfeld & Nicolson
Women in Anglo-Saxon England Christine Fell Colonade
Kingship and Government in Pre-conquest England Ann Williams Macmillan
The Westminster Corridor David Sullivan Historical Publications
Anglo-Saxon England and the Norman Conquest H.R. Loyn Longman

~ Æthelred, Cnut and Emma

Title Author(s) Publisher
Cnut M.K.Lawson Longman
The Reign of Cnut ed Alexander R. Rumble Leicester U.P.
Queen Emma and the Vikings Harriet O'Brien Bloomsbury
Queen Emma and Queen Edith Pauline Stafford Blackwell
Encomium Emmae Reginae ed Alistair Campbell Camden
Æthelred the Unready Ann Williams Hambledon
Æthelred King of the English Ryan Lavelle Tempus

~ The Normans

Title Author(s) Publisher
William the Conqueror David C. Douglas Methuen
The English and the Norman Conquest Ann Williams Boydell Press
Anglo Norman England Marjorie Chibnall Blackwell
William the Conqueror Michael St John Parker Pitkin Guide
The Normans R. Allen Brown Boydell Press
Norman England Trevor Rowley Batsford / English Heritage
Matilda Tracy Borman Jonathan Cape

~ The Vikings

Title Author(s) Publisher
The Viking Art of War Paddy Griffith Greenhill Books
Encyclopaedia of the Viking Age John Haywood Thames & Hudson
A work in progress; The list will grow as further bookshelves are catalogued.