Come and Tell Me

Full colour illustrations throughout.

Publisher  :  Happy Cat Books
ISBN  :  1-903285-29-1

Latest edition published 17 May 2002

This book is currently Out of Print

~ Synopsis ~

"Come and Tell Me" is an introduction to personal safety for young children. It's central message is that a child should come and tell a grown up in charge before going anywhere with anyone. A thoughtful and upbeat book which promotes communication between parent and child without creating anxiety.

The story is about Jenny and her Mum, Mrs McCann.

When Mum couldn't see Jenny in the playground one day, she assumed the worst had happened - even though Jenny had only gone to get an ice-cream with her friend. After telling her off for disappearing like that, Mrs McCann explains that "there are lots of people in the world. Most of them are good, kind people but there are a few who are bad and wicked."

"...So how can you tell a bad person from a good person?" Jenny asked.

"Well," Mum said, "a good person would not mind if you came to tell me where you wanted to go."

"So," said Jenny thoughtfully, "if a person didn't want me to come and tell you first, that person might be bad?"

"Yes, that's right," said Mum...

"Come and Tell Me" explores who is a stranger, getting lost in the supermarket and the importance of friends staying together when out playing. A useful book that will be enjoyed, and therefore remembered, by all children.