Email mysteries revealed
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Email, used by the Contact button on the menu above, continues to baffle some Internet users.


A picture is worth a thousand words. Solve the puzzle, collect the reward, and your understanding of email will be magnified accordingly.
Puzzle assistance

Leaves Separator   This is a Sliding Block puzzle

  • Begin by choosing a difficulty level from the bottom menu bar. The 3x3 puzzle is quite easy, while the 9x9 is challenging. Take your pick.
  • Click on the Shuffle button one or more times to scramble the tile order and reset the puzzle statistics.
  • Until you get familiar with the picture, click the Numbers button to assist recognition. Use this button at any time to toggle the identifiers.
  • The Original button serves as a reminder of the target picture. Click it again to continue with the puzzle.
  • Click on an adjacent tile to move it into the empty slot. Continue until all tiles are back into their original sequence.
  • Success will be signalled by activation of the Reward tab. Click on that tab to initiate the Blue Ball "email transfer mechanism."
Leaves Separator   Watch Contact messages as they navigate the 'Internet'.
With gratitude to Rube Goldberg for these wonderfully edifying "Blue Ball Machine" images