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Critique for
"The Kingmaking"

I finished your WONDERFUL book "The Kingmaking" mid-yesterday!  I'd started it the past Wednesday evening, I just could NOT stop reading! 

You did a truly outstanding job with this trilogy, I've already started "Pendragon's Banner" as of yesterday afternoon.  I do love the true to life characters you've created in these books.  A far cry from the "fairy tales" we were exposed to regarding the life of King Arthur when we were youngsters!  And you have plenty of VERY BAD people in the books which are very easy to despise (I'm being mild here, I keep wishing that Emrys, Morgause and Winifred were long dead!!!) and all the ingredients which make a book so very hard to put down even for an hour! 

Thanks for your TRULY EXCEPTIONAL writing.  I'll get my review of "The Kingmaking" done in the next couple of days and forward to you as well as post on  I'm so very glad I "discovered" you and your fine work!  Your publisher, Discovered Authors, is indeed well named.

Critique for
"Pendragon's Banner"

Helen Hollick just amazes me with her writing skill! I cannot say it better than to quote Historical Novels Review: "If only all historical fiction could be this good"!

Helen has taken the King Arthur Pendragon of our childhood fairy tales and written a gritty, realistic work that depicts Arthur as a human being, with the strengths and weaknesses that we all have in some form or fashion. I've recently read the entire "Pendragon's Banner" trilogy and this was the most difficult book of Helen's works to read. Because, as with all good things, the story of Arthur, his family, and his love for Britain had to come to an end.

I'll not give away the story here. Suffice it to say that this is historical fiction at its finest, with true-to-life writing of the people and times in Britain circa 500 A. D. I highly recommend this excellent work (and the entire trilogy) to those who value realistic, well written historical fiction with a plot that twists and turns through a wealth of characters of the time brought to life! Helen Hollick is, in my humble opinion, the FINEST writer of historical fiction today! Kudos to her for her fine work, and I eagerly await more from this very talented author!

Further, I truly appreciate the massive amount of outstanding research that Helen did preliminary to writing the entire "Pendragon's Banner" trilogy! Hers was no easy task since source works on Arthur and his times were both biased and dismally missing much information!

Finally, I wish to thank her for her work, and particularly for the "Author's Notes" which she writes and includes in each of her books! Great work by a marvellous writer!