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Helen (Hollick) to You, symbolised by the abbreviation H2U.

The H2U pages contain items which did not meet the level required for inclusion on the main website pages, but will still be of interest to those who enjoy the background information.



The Seawitch Voyages: overview plus a selection of Reviews

Pirate adventures for grown-ups - who are still young at heart.

Book 1 - Sea Witch - the first voyage of Cpt Jesamiah Acorne
Book 2 - Pirate Code - the second book in the Sea Witch series
Book 3 - Bring It Close - the third book in the Sea Witch series
Book 4 - Ripples in the Sand - the fourth book in the Sea Witch series
Book 5 - On the Account- the fifth book in the Sea Witch series
e-Book - When the Mermaid Sings - a prequel story, setting the scene

Charts - Maps & Charts from the novels

Origin - How the idea of Jesamiah Acorne was conceived

Readers Reviews - feedback on the series.

Jack Sparrow doll, from the movie Pirates of the Caribbean    

King Arthur

dragon small

The Pendragon's Banner Series: overview with extended notes and a selection of Reviews

Book 1 - The Kingmaking
Book 2 - Pendragon's Banner
Book 3 - Shadow of the King

Charts - Maps & Charts from the novels

Readers Reviews - feedback on this series.

King Harold

Queen Emma

The Saxon Series: overview with extended notes, trailer videos and a selection of Reviews

Book 1 - Harold the King - The story of 1066 and the Battle of Hastings
Book 2 - A Hollow Crown - Events in the period prior to 1066.
Book 3 - 1066 Turned Upside Down - Alternative views in eBook format.

Origin 1 - "Let's hear it for Harold." Background notes for Harold the King.
Origin 2 - "Emma: Queen or Pawn?" Background notes for A Hollow Crown.

Bibliography - Reference material used during the writing of these novels.

Readers Reviews - feedback on this series.

Child Safety

Book 1 - Come and Tell Me

Helen's personal pages

Author's Journal, updated monthly and published in reverse date order.

A brief autobiography of the author.

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